Voice of the Average Republican

Voice of the Average Republican, February 6

Morning, y’all. Here’s today’s Views of the Average Republican:
1. Repost from Door Kickers Inc.: A meme image about being “transfinancial,” or “a rich person born into a poor persons body. Help stop the hate by sending me money to resolve my Financial Identity Disorder.” [sic]
2. Repost from “Trey Gowdy, Liberals’ Worst Nightmare.” Unsure whether this is Gowdy’s official FB page. It’s a meme with an older woman clutching her glasses while looking at a laptop screen. The text reads, “Muslims want to run away from a Muslim country? Doesn’t that mean they’re Islamophobic?” [sic]
3. Repost from “Women for Trump Movement:” A video with the description, “WATCH: BASED Millenial Trump supporters take over Sharia Laboof’s Stream & Send America a Message of Hope! (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & TRUTH BOMBS)” Note that in the video thumbnail, all video participants seem to be male.
4. Repost from Breitbart: “ISIS Paying Migrant People Smuggling Fees if They Join Jihad”
5. Repost from Breitbart: They call her “Sanctuary Sally”… “Despite the loss of state law enforcement grants, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez followed through and released 39 criminal aliens during the first two days of her sanctuary policy.”
6. Repost from Breitbart valorizing Marine Le Pen. Stop the world, I would like to get off now.
7. Repost from “Political Correctness Gone Wild.” I’m missing some context here, but I’m guessing it’s comparing the NFL building stadium walls* to keep out people who haven’t paid for tickets with countries building walls to keep undocumented immigrants out. *Note: I’m aware the NFL itself isn’t building stadiums. These people apparently aren’t.
8. Link from Lifenews.com. BAYBEES. The only comment on the article reads, “Tears….changing one heart, saving a baby♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”
9. BAYBEES. Also from Lifenews.com.
10. Post of a screenshot of a Facebook post from Ron Paul. Image included below.
Persephone: Reading her mother’s Facebook wall so you don’t have to.

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