Voice of the Average Republican

Voice of the Average Republican, February 12

Good morning! Here’s your Voice of the Average Republican for today:
1. Repost from a Facebook page called “Informed Folks LOL.” It’s a screenshot of Tom Hanks from the movie Forrest Gump, with him staring into middle distance with a somewhat puzzled look. The meme caption reads, “And just like that, after 8 years liberals suddenly didn’t like executive orders anymore [sic].”
2. A post out of her very own head, for once.* It reads, “Funny, I’ve been inconvenienced at airports for over 15 years thanks to a bunch of Muslim immigrants. Yet, Muslim immigrants suddenly being inconvenienced at airports for 15 hours is evidently Holocaust 2.”
Persephone: Reading her mother’s Facebook wall so you don’t have to.(edited)
*Regarding #2, given that she’s only flown a few times in the past 15 years, I suspect that’s a regurgitation of memorized nonsense as well.

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