Voice of the Average Republican

Voice of the Average Republican, February 22

Good morning! Here’s what the Average Republican would like us libruls to know today. Content warning: child abuse.
1. A repost from Ann Coulter, of a Breitbart article. “Illegal immigrant Dreamer arrested for rape of a THREE YEAR OLD CHILD in AZ – https://t.co/27LZOHNs65 #DeportDreamers Senators: Illegal Arrested for Child Sex-Abuse Was Protected By Obama’s Migrant Amnesty – Breitbart”
2. An image post that looks like a screencap from Reddit. I’m…pretty sure my mom doesn’t hang out on Reddit, so I assume she saved this from somewhere else and reposted it. I’ll post it below for two reasons: fractal wrongness, and the fact that my genteel southern mother just posted an image containing the words “Cuck Central.”
3. BAYBEES. Repost from LifeNews.com. “200 Million Girls Killed in China, Where Are the Feminists?”
My mother posted this. The woman who spent 25 years lecturing me about manners. It comes up in her FB album alongside a photo of her new grandbaby. I want to wash her mouth out with soap.
This is how far down the hate spiral we are. And I’m pretty sure there are like two people (including me) she reads on Facebook who aren’t as crazypants conservative as she is, so I’m assuming at least part of this is aimed at me. (In addition to tribal signaling, of course.)
I don’t know how much longer I can do these reports, because this hurts.
Persephone: Reading her mother’s Facebook wall so you don’t have to.

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